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Derma Wax is a thick yet malleable sticky wax substance which is used directly on the skin for various effects.


Three dimensional makeup[]

Derma wax can be used much in the same way as nose putty to build up flesh and bone structure on static (nonmoving) parts of the body. Because it is more malleable at body temperature, it can be sculpted thiner more easily and is also able to grip to the skin and withstand some movement. But for the same reasons, effects made in this manner are more fragile. The wax never hardens so care must be taken to not touch the wax. In general, when finished, derma wax must be washed off or carefully scraped off, as opposed to nose putty, which can often be pealed off in a single piece.

Derma wax is effective in generating wound effects. One common technique is to blend a layer of wax into the skin and drag a dull surface, such as the back of a butter knife or a toothpick through the surface creating an indentation of the desired size and shape.

Such effects must be heavily powdered after the desired shape is attained. This serves to cessate the stickiness, to create a surface which will redily accept makeup or other products. Also powder will bond to the wax and interlock with surrounding powder and wax to create a microscopic matrix acting to a small extent as a protective shell, holding the waxes shape.

Wax is sometimes combined with various fillers to change it's texture and serve as reinforcement. cotton fiber is one commonly used filler

As a barrier[]

Another common use of derma wax is in hiding eyebrows. The derma wax is worked into the eyebrows. Liquid latex may now be carefully applied over the eyebrows without fear that the latex will stick directly to the hair.

Historical makeups[]

Derma wax may be used in place of other traditional waxes as an adhesive when using powder-style makeups. A thin layer of wax,warmed to body temperature or slighly higher, is applied to the face. White or tinted powder may now be applied. One example of this style of application is the traditional makeup of the geisha.

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