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Stippling is a technique in painting and cosmetics in which paint is applied by being pushed onto the canvas of choice in a downward tapping motion, as opposed to a stroking motion. This has the effect of leaving an impression of the tool used on the surface where the paint was applied. Brushes and sponges are commonly used tools, but anything that will hold and transfer paint can be used for stippling. Stippling is commonly used in both glamour makeup, as well as special effects makeup.

The result of stippling varies and depends on the tools used, giving it a wide variety of uses. In glamour beauty, the stippling technique is commonly used for foundation on a dense and flat brush. Using this technique, the brush gives a full impression of the densely fit-together brissles, giving it a flawless coverage. For the same reason, stippling is also often used for body painting The quick, full coverage that stippling gives is perfect for giving an even layer of color to a large area of skin

When this motion is used with a stippling sponge, the outcome is much different. The deep, wide range of pores in the sponge give a great deep, imperfect look to the skin. This technique along with a stippling sponge is commonly used to simulate burns, bruises, and other skin deformities. The pressure applied to the skin depends on the outcome of the impression A heavy forceful motion to the skin will give a harsh heightened impression, good for fresh bruises and abrasions, while a light delicate motion will give a light wash of color, perfect for aged simulations and faint deformities

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